How to Make a Blue Gatorade Shot

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Let's liven up the next friendly gathering with a fun new cocktail featuring vivid blue colors and zesty citrus flavors. This delicious and refreshing drink recipe combines juices, sparkling water, and garnishes for a refreshing, non-alcoholic beverage that looks fantastic too.

Whether enjoying responsibly or making a delicious drink everyone can share, a splash of creativity and sparkle always brings smiles. If you try this eye-catching cocktail, I'd love to hear how your creation turns out!

Blue gatorade shot

Blue Gatorade Shot Recipe

Here's a fun spin on eye-catching original blue Gatorade shot recipes that can spark up your next gathering. 

Gather your ingredients: 

  • Vibrant blue sports drink like blue gatorade

  • Citrus juices like orange or lemon

  • 1/2 Ounce Vodka

  • Sparkling water

  • Ice 

  • Fruity garnishes like orange slices

Mix It Up:

  • In a pitcher, stir together the sports drink, citrus juices, sparkling water, and ice cubes.  

  • Give it a good mix until it turns a beautiful, bold blue.

  • Add orange slices or other fun, fruity garnishes.

Serve and Sip:

  • Pour your custom blue cocktail into glasses filled with ice cubes.  

  • Garnish with fruit, sip these refreshers, and serve. 

  • Toast with friends to great flavors and good times!


  • Electric blue sports drinks like Powerade Frost

  • Orange juice 

  • Squeeze of fresh lime juice

  • Sparkling water or lemon-lime soda

  •  Ice cubes

  • Other ingredients such as orange slices for refreshing touch

  • Sour mix (Optional)

What Bar Tools Do I Need?

While fancy bar tools aren't needed for this fun cocktail, having a few basics on hand can help and super easy! A cocktail shaker to mix everything together works great. And don't forget the shot glass so everyone gets their own icy cold serving!

Colorful straws or fruity garnishes like pineapple wedges or cherries make for a fab presentation. But the real star is that electric blue sports drink color swirling together with the citrus juices.

How do I make the Blue Gatorade Shot even better?

The basic blue Gatorade shot recipe, mixing a blue sports drink and citrus juices makes for a refreshing crowd-pleaser on its own. But once you have the classic version down, it's easy to start customizing to your taste!

For a tropical twist, blend up some pineapple or mango into a sweet puree, add ice cubes, and layer it over the electric blue drink. The contrasting colors and flavors will have everyone doing a double-take.

Stirring in a splash of blue curacao will double down on that striking royal blue color while adding orange and vanilla essence. You could go the other direction too by swapping in raspberry, cranberry or pomegranate juice for a patriotic red-white-blue effect.

And don't be afraid to change up the base spirit too! Instead, try grape vodka and experiment with refreshers like peach schnapps or melon liqueur. Or skip the alcohol altogether for an all-ages juice blend.

No matter which riff you start with, customizing this vibrant cocktail to your taste is all part of the fun. The variations are endless once you start pouring on the creativity. Now, go dazzle your friends with your signature blue cooler, serve and enjoy the party!

Do Blue Gatorade Shots have a lot of Alcohol?

While some enjoy adding a splash of vodka to cocktail for the grown-ups, if you prefer you can absolutely keep it non-alcoholic. The bright blue Gatorade still pops visually against the orange and yellow citrus mixes.

For parties with guests of all ages, try offering two versions - one spirited shooter for those who want to add a kick, labeled clearly of course with nutrition calories! And an identical alcohol-free version that kids and non-drinkers can enjoy.

Colorful glasses with crazy straws or fun swizzle sticks make it feel even more whimsical and festive. The only limit is your imagination - custom cocktails let you experiment with new flavor combos.

Does the Gatorade Shot hydrate you?

While vibrant blue sports drinks can help replenish fluids, mixing in adult beverages can sometimes work against hydration. My suggestion? Enjoy moderation when adding spirits to your cocktails. Balancing things out with plenty of water lets everyone stay refreshed. That bright blue oasis looks so refreshing, you might forget just how potent a splash of vodka can be! So I'll raise my glass of fruit juice and say cheers to good times with great friends.

Can I Order a Blue Gatorade Shot at a Bar?

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While you may not see a bright blue cocktail like this on most bar menus, fun-loving bartenders are often happy to blend up a custom creation! Describing the fruity, fizzy flavors you're craving is a great start. A skilled barkeeper can likely mix up their own version of an electric blue cooler with the ingredients they have on hand behind the counter. 

Don't be shy about politely asking - mixologists enjoy the challenge of crafting a unique signature drink. A personalized cocktail makes for a far more memorable experience than simply ordering the daily special off a list!

Is it Okay to Mix Gatorade with Alcohol?

Blending vividly-hued sports drinks and effervescent fruit juices makes for such a fun signature cocktail. While some enjoy spiking their cocktail, we can still craft refreshing non-alcoholic options everyone can share.

Drink responsibly is key if one chooses to splash in spirits. But the real joy is gathering great friends in one table, mixing vibrant flavors, and creating flavorful memories together. So let’s raise our glasses - whether topped with soda water, mint sprig or lime wedge.

How do I make other Flavored Gatorade Shots?

Gatorade shots

The best part about whipping up vibrant cocktails is letting your creativity run wild!

The basic blue sports drink base provides that electric eye-catching color. But feel free to explore other shades and flavors. Combine lemon-lime Gatorade with lemon vodka and sweet honey for a neon green delight.

Or team up grape Powerade with orange juice and raspberry syrup for a patriotic red, white and blue layer effect.

You could even do a “cocktail flight” by mixing up a rainbow array in different bottle. Put some ice cubes, Garnish with fruits or candy to really make it insta-worthy!

So don’t be afraid to start experimenting with new flavor combos, colors and presentations at your next casual gathering. Half the fun at the party is trying exciting new drink creations and then discussing the tasty results together!

Try our other colored gatorade shots, like orange gatorade shot and purple gatorade shot.

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    To make a Blue Gatorade Shot, check out this simple recipe – . It’s perfect for a quick energy boost and super easy to customize! 🍹 I love adding a bit of lime juice for an extra zing. Enjoy!

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