Best Ice Mallet for Cocktails

by RJ Peristere

SMASH...SMASH...a huge block of crystal clear ice chunks right off into your old fashioned. While we may normally think of the cocktail making process as a delicate one, creating the perfect cubes is anything but. Crushing ice is no joke and if you consider yourself a great bartender then you need the right ice mallet.

Ice mallet, Cocktail Ice Mallet, wood

Lucky for you, we have found the perfect wooden mallet to start your ice smashing dreams. Ready to buy already? Buy Here

The Perfect Ice Crusher

The Bull In China black walnut ice mallet is not only a beautiful piece to add to your home bar, but also a perfectly designed ice mallet for its true purpose. It's the only ice mallet that is well balanced while also durable. The head is firmly attached to the stock so you can truly feel the quality in the ice mallet.

Cocktail Ice Mallet

Price : 120.00 $$

What we like about the Ice Mallet :

  • The well balanced feel

  • The size of the mallet

  • The Walnut Wood

  • The quality

What we dislike about the Ice Mallet :

  • You can't use it for nails...

Specifications :

  • Black Walnut

  • Brass Dowels

How do you Crush Ice with Mallets?

If you're interested in making tiki drinks or boozy snow-cone, then this is the perfect mallet. The wide face allows for the dispersion of force across the face of the ice. We recommend placing the ice block inside the Lewis bag then going to town on the bag. I mean really...have some fun with it. Give it a whack.

After you've had your fun, you will have plenty of crushed ice.

Cocktail ice mallet

Why is it Called a Lewis Ice Bag?

Drumroll please...the Lewis bag was named after its inventor, Dr. Lewis. He wanted to provide a bag to provide cold therapy to his patients. The bag was a smashing success (pun not intended but intended)but for a different intended purpose. The ice pack generally removed the need for a lewis bag. But the demand for high quality cocktails and tropical drinks created a surge in demand for crushed ice.

Lewis Bag, heavy duty

Where do I Buy a Lewis Bag?

The good news is Bull in China also sells an accompanying Lewis Bag that goes with their ice mallet. You could buy them both at the same time.

ice mallet, lewis bag

How Do You Make Clear Cocktail Ice?

If you've gotten this far, you're probably wondering ..."Well, now that I have a huge block of ice, why doesn't it look clear like it does at that hipster bar downtown?" The answer to that question is actually a bit complex. It's a little bit of science combined with a little bit of patience.

Clear cocktail ice

Directions :

  1. The first step is to purify the water of any impurities by boiling it

  2. Then let the water cool down to room temperature

  3. Then place the ice in a silicon mold of the desired shape

  4. Then a SLOW freezing process is required. The slower the freeze the faster the air and impurities can escape from the ice

What Drinks can I Make with the Crushed Ice or Ice Blocks?

We highly recommend making a Mint Julep. This southern classic requires tons of crushed ice and delicious bourbon. Is it derby season yet?

Mint Julep


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