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by RJ Peristere

Huzzah! It's cocktail know what that means. It's time to roll in the bar car and make some cocktails.'re a person with refined modern tastes and you want your bar cart to stand out. We've assembled the top of the line Acrylic and Clear Bar Carts.

When you're looking for a clear bar cart, what you're really looking for is an Acrylic Bar Cart. Acrylic Bar Carts are made of a highly durable plexiglass that gives the ultimate modern look without compromising on quality.

Once you've decided on one of the bar carts, read our guide on Bar Car Essentials on how to stock it.

Clear or Acrylic Bar Cart Comparison

Micah Bar Cart

Estelle Bar Cart





Jayson Home

Sur La Table




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Best Clear Bar Carts

Top of the Line

If money is no object and you simply just want the best clear or acrylic bar cart, then the Micah Bar Cart is the one for you. The Micah is dedicated to quality first and foremost. The Acrylic Frame blended with a strong brass metal ensures a beautiful design. The Micah Bar Cart is also on casters which makes for ease of transport.

Clear Bar Cart
Acrylic Bar Cart

Best Features

  • Solid Acrylic for both Style and Durability

  • Caster Wheels for ease of transport

  • Spacious Shelves

Why We Picked This Cart

For people who want to combine a solid brass frame with an acrylic style. The two handles also make the cart easy to push around. You buy this bar cart, you'll never need to buy another.

Price : 1495 $


Best Glass Bar Cart

If you prefer glass to acyrlic then we have the right bar cart for you. The Estelle Bar Cart by Sur La Table is the ultimate bar cart in terms of Luxury styling and class. The Estelle Bar Cart is also on caster wheels to make transport even easier.

The Estelle comes in two metal finishes, Silver pictured below.

Glass Bar Carts

And Rose Gold finish

Glass Bar Carts

As well as a black finish. There is a color for everyone.

Glass Bar Carts, Masculine Bar CartsRose Gold Bar Carts

Best Features

  • Multiple different finishes

  • High Quality Glass

  • Solid Build

  • Masculine or Feminine Options

  • Free Delivery

Why We Picked this Bar Cart?

We loved the variety of styles the Estelle bar cart offered. From the feminine rose gold to the more masculine black finish. The wide glass shelving provides the clear look to see through and view all the proper alcohols and tools.

Price : 600$


Bar Cart Essentials

Now that you've purchased a few bar carts (an essential piece of furniture), it is time to stock them appropriately. We laid out a dedicated guide to help you out. Our Bar Cart Essentials Article details the best glassware and alcohol to purchase for both quality and style.

Interested in the History of the Alcohol or Cocktails for your Bar Cart?

Dive deep into Dark Rum cocktails or the shape of the coupe glass.

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