Luxury Bar Cart

by RJ Peristere

The glasses slightly clanging together as you wheel out your luxury bar cart, the entire party turns towards you in awe...what a beautiful cart (they think to themselves)...followed by "I'm ready for a cocktail!" The Bar Cart is a staple of any well designed living room or entertainment area. It's important that you pick the right piece that will last a lifetime. After all, furniture defines your home.

When purchasing a premium bar cart it's important to keep in mind three things.

  • Style

  • Size

  • Material

Luxury Bar Cart Comparison

Micah Bar Cart

Pilsen Bar Cart

Zenia Bar Cart

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What Type of Bar Cart should I Buy?

Let's first start with the style of bar cart. Do you want a Mid Century Modern Bar Cart or a more classic Bar Cart or even perhaps a bar cart made of bamboo for tiki room.

Best Luxury Bar Carts

Micah Bar Cart from Jayson Home

One of our favorite bar carts is the Micah Bar Cart from Jayson home. The tasteful acrylic frame has a chic and modern feel whilst the quality is quite impressive. The Micah Bar Cart has two glass shelves placed upon a beautiful brass frame. The brass frame inspires an art deco type feel while the acrylic brings the bar cart to the 21st century.

Modern Bar Cart
Modern Bar Cart, Bar Decor

What we like :

  • The Brass Detailing

  • The caster wheels allow for ease of movement from room to room

  • The iron build for durability

Potential Drawbacks :

  • The weight of the iron - could be seen as a plus or a minus


Pilsen Bar Cart

Another great option from Jayson Home is the Pilsen Bar Cart. Unlike the Micah Bar Cart, the Pilsen is made entirely from Brass instead of Acrylic and Glass. The beauty of this piece, is the refined antique brass look. This bar cart fits well in almost any style of home. The caster wheels make the Pilsen Bar Cart easy to move around. The two shelves provide ample amounts of space for all the bar cart essentials or accessories. The design is refined in feel without looking too small or too big. The durability of the metal also makes the design kids friendly.

Industrial Bar Cart, Luxury Bar Cart
Luxury Bar Carts, Industrial Bar Carts

What we like :

  • The solid brass feel

  • The caster wheels for ease of movement

Potential Drawbacks :

  • No glass, many people prefer a bar cart with glass


Zenia Bar Cart

The Zenia Bar Cart is a high end steel and glass style bar cart. The curved metal departs from the traditional rigidity of the other two bar carts. The Zenia comes in two different metal hues, brass and silver. The handle of the Zenia makes it easy to push around as well as the size of the wheels. We like this piece because of its simplicity and quality of build. The glass shelves lend itself to mid century design or modern depending on your taste. Its the perfect bar cart for someone with exceptional taste.

Classy Bar Cart, Luxury Bar Cart
Luxury Bar Cart


What we like :

  • The large handle for easy movement

  • The glass shelves

  • Open space for barware

Bar Cart Essentials

Once you've purchased a bar cart, you will need to stock the Bar Cart as well with the right accessories. We've published a guide to help you out. Check out our article on Bar Car Essentials.

drink, glass, pouring

Best Cocktails to Make with your Bar Cart

Now that your bar cart is fully's time to make the perfect cocktail. We recommend a Rum Old Fashioned or some Mezcal on the rocks. The key to being a great bartender is to have the right tools and glasses.

woman, model, cocktail


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