How to Make a Purple Gatorade Shot

by RJ Peristere

Purple gatorade...perhaps the best flavor of all the gatorades to most. Some actually think it tastes a bit like medicine. We don't fall into that category. What exactly is a gatorade shot? In simple terms, a gatorade shot is a mix of your favorite gatorade flavor mixed with some of your favorite vodka, think Belvedere on the high end or something like Tito's for a more approachable and cost effective option.

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Purple Gatorade Shot Recipe

The purple gatorade shot recipe is a simple to make and easy to drink beverage. A delicious combination of grape gatorade mixed in a cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes. The recipe we're presenting is a pro level recipe, however, if you're just looking for simplicity. Here's a quick step by step :

  • Put grape gatorade, vodka, and ice cubes in a shaker.

  • Mix the shaker vigorously until all the ingredients have been mixed

  • Pour with a strainer to avoid ice cubes falling into the shot glass

Purple gatorade shot recipe, sweet and sour mix, grape gatorade shot


  • Grape-flavored Gatorade or Powerade (!!)

  • Clear or citrus-flavored vodka (optional)

  • Ice cubes (to chill the vodka)


  1. Preparation: Chill the Gatorade in a refrigerator and vodka in the freezer

  2. Layering the Shot (pro level) : To create a visually appealing purple shot, you'll layer the blue and purple Gatorade to achieve the desired color. Detailed Steps:

    a. Fill your shot glass about 1/3 full with grape Gatorade. Use a small funnel or pour very carefully

    b. Using the same funnel, slowly pour grape-flavored Gatorade over the back of a spoon held just above the blue Gatorade. This will help create a distinct layer.

    c. If you're adding vodka, you can create another layer by gently pouring a small amount of clear or citrus-flavored vodka over the back of the spoon above the purple Gatorade layer.

  3. Serve: Once you've layered the shot to your liking, serve it immediately. The layers should remain separate for a short time, allowing for a cool visual effect. Remember that the layers may eventually mix if the shot is left standing for too long.

What Bar Tools do I need?

How do I make the Purple Gatorade Shot even better?

There are a few ways to make this already delicious drink even better. You could use a grape vodka to strengthen the shot and give it an even more potent flavor. You could do a sugar coated glass or rim the shot glass with a specific flavored sugar or candy. If you want to try a similar cocktail check out Kenny's Cooler.

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Do Purple Gatorade Shots have a lot of Alcohol?

The alcohol content of a purple gatorade shot depends entirely on the amount of alcohol you choose to mix in. When you mix in a traditional vodka, you should expect about a 40% alcohol by volume on the bottle itself. The actual shot is much different. Since you're mixing the vodka with gatorade and the chilled ice, the total alcohol content of the shot will be around 20%. That actually makes the purple gatorade shot more enjoyable to drink, since you can enjoy many of them.

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Does the Gatorade Shot hydrate you?

At first thought...well gatorade hydrates me, especially with the added electrolytes. But the truth is, a purple gatorade shot won't give you the hydration you're looking for. Alcohol by nature slowly dehydrates you as it acts as a diuretic. That being said, this delicious shot is perfect for a hot summer day since the gatorade does slow down the dehydration process.

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Can I Order a Purple Gatorade Shot at a Bar?

It totally depends on the bar. Most high end bars won't carry gatorade but if you're in a college bar or a rowdy pub, then you may be able to find a bartender to whip one up. We recommend making purple gatorade shots for days out on the boat or at the beach or at a large family gathering. Since most of the ingredients someone will already have. 

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Is it Okay to Mix Gatorade with Alcohol?

If you've read the whole article up till now, then you already know. It is totally okay to mix alcohol with gatorade. In fact, it tastes delicious and the ingredients are easy to get. 

How do I make other Flavored Gatorade Shots?

The beauty of the gatorade shot ingredients is that it is an easily replica-cable recipe that can be interchanged with any type of gatorade. However, the difference between the pro-level gatorade shot ingredients and the simple version will be more pronounced. For example, instead of using blue curacao in a orange gatorade shot you would use a different orange liqueur. Whatever flavor you do choose, it will be a refreshing drink regardless. Hard to beat a grape gatorade shot. If you do a red gatorade shot, you could mix in some cranberry juice or sour mix to spice it up. 

Want more cocktails? Check out how to make the Texas Roadhouse Margarita.


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