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Did someone say five O'clock?? It's time for a few Pina Colada's and Mai tai's. While we all dream of living by the beach and soaking up the beautiful tropical sun for hours...thats not always a practical reality. But nothing is stopping you from bringing a little tropical sun into your own home.

What is Rattan? Rattan is a tropical vine or plant that grows throughout Indonesia and other tropical islands. The rattan we selected is sustainably sourced and harvested.

Fortunately we've scoured the web for the best two options for the perfect Rattan Bar Cart. The first option is more budget friendly while the second is more premium.


Sika Designs Romeo Round Bar Cart

Rattan Bar Cart, Tiki Bar Cart

The first of our rattan bar carts option is the Siki Design Romeo Round Bar Cart. This strong, lightweight bar cart is made from durable rattan from the Indonesian rainforest. The rattan is sustainably harvested and truly gives off the tropical feel you would expect to have in your home.

The Romeo Bar Cart's rattan wood is elegantly bent into a sphere on two separate layers while also being on a set of casters or wheels. The casters make it easy for the bar cart to be wheeled from room to room. After all, who serves cocktails in just one room?


The two glass frames on this serving cart also provide ample room to store many bottles of liquor and glassware. This tiki bar cart also works well in a modern set up, if you want to add a little bohemian charm.

What we like about it :

  • The sustainably raised Rattan vine wood

  • The two glass shelves for extra space

What we dislike about it :

  • If you want to keep the natural wood color, treatment with linseed oil is required

Sika Designs Frattelino Round Bar Cart

Tiki Bar Cart, Rattan Bar Cart

Our other Rattan bar cart or Bamboo Bar cart is the Frattelino round bar cart. The Frattelino is the more premium of the two bar carts due to its use of Malacca Cane Rattan. This piece of living room furniture complements any style thanks to its high quality material.

The Frattelino only comes in one color, the natural color of the Indonesian Rattan. It has a beautiful medium brown color that complements any tropical or tiki bar type set up.

The Frattelino comes with two wicker shelves that really drives home the tropical style that you're looking for. The two shelves also provide ample room to store liquor bottles and glassware. We recommend a dark rum on the shelf.

The curved handles on this rattan bar cart make it easy to transport from room to room while also providing a beautiful bohemian style. The bamboo rattan really drives home the natural feel.

What we like about it :

  • The sustainably harvested Rattan

  • The caster wheels for easy transport

  • The wicker shelves

What we dislike about it :

  • While it's worth the price, it can be a bit premium.

Price : 1500 $

Other Great Bar Carts

Perhaps the rattan bar cart style isn't the one you're looking for. Perhaps you'd like a more modern bar cart? Or perhaps an acrylic bar cart?

Or want to learn how to stock your bar cart?


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