Best Haitian Rum

by RJ Peristere

The warm tropical breeze caresses your sun crisped skin, your toes gently press deep into the white sand of Haiti, and in your right hand you have the perfect cocktail with the local Haitian Rum. As your mind drifts from bliss to wonder, what is this rum and why haven't I ever tasted anything like it?

The truth is, most rum that is consumed around the world is generally a mass produced/ less quality spirit that best only enjoyed mixed within cocktails. But true rum connoisseurs know that the best tasting and highest quality rum or rhum agricole is sourced from small batch producers. Haitian rums have long been known to be of the highest quality and made with the deepest care in the production process.

Our pick for the best Haitian Rum is Boukman Botanical Rhum. The rum is hand made in Haiti through a traditional production process. The sugarcane is harvested by hand by local Haitians and is infused with the local bitters and herbs to give the rum a distinct flavor. The flavor profile is sweet yet aromatic. You don't want to miss this spiced rum.

Why we like it :

  • Spiced yet not overwhelming

  • Locally grown and sourced

  • Boukman Gives back 10% to the local Haitian community

What are the Best Haitian Rums?

When picking the rum it's important to consider a few key details :

  • Where is it sourced?

  • Is it a spiced rum or a dark rum?

  • Is it a Rhum Agricole

Boukman Botanical Rum

Our favorite, as we mentioned above, is Boukman Botanical Rum. This hand harvested and hand crafted rum is truly a special treat for anyone looking to spice up their liquor cabinet. Normally hard to find, Boukman has recently established a direct shipping option to the United States so their rum has become more accessible to rum connoisseurs.

Boukman Rum lists 1791 on their bottle for a good reason. Dutty Boukman was a key figure in the early Haitian Revolution and swore an oath to liberty. In 1791 the rebellion began and the rest is history. Haiti became the first successful slave uprising in the history of the Western Hemisphere.

Rum Barbancourt

Rum Barbancourt has an infamous history. Initially reserved only for the Barbancourt family for hundreds of years. Only in the 1960s did Domaine Barbancourt release his rum to the rest of the world. This is a high quality haitian rum and distinctly haitian.

What we like about Barbancourt :

  • Rich flavors

  • The history

What we dislike :

  • Can be hard to buy


What Makes Haitian Rum Different?

Haitian rum is unique for a few reasons. The best Haitian rum or Rhum agricole is made from fresh sugar cane juice that is harvested in traditional methods. The product your receiving stays true to the qualities of pure sugar cane juice. The Rhum Agricole uses pure sugar cane juice not molasses for a specific reason. The flavors remain more pure and more influenced by the spices, cinnamon, and other delicious flavors.

Haiti has been a major producer of rum since before their inception as a country. The sugar cane fields or rhum terrior are some the best in the world for both quality and preservation.

What is Rhum Agricole?

Rhum agricole is quite different than traditional rum. 98% of the rum made around the world is derived from molasses. Rhum agricole on the other hand is distilled from pure sugar cane juice. This unique production process gives Rhum Agricole a distinct flavor and allows from delicate flavors like vanilla and other fruits to shine through. Rhum Agricole can se sipped or mixed into cocktails.

What is the Difference Between Rum and Rhum Agricole?

Beyond the base ingredients of fresh sugar cane juice versus molasses, the flavors are quite different as well. Rums made from molasses tend to be a bit sweeter than Rhum agricole due to the high sugar concentrate in the molasses. Rums also can have more variety like white rums or dark rums or spiced rums.

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What Does Haitian Rum Taste Like?

Haitian rums on average taste a bit more organic than their heavily mass produced cousins from other islands. The flavors are bit more gentle and better for enjoying sipped than mixed within a cocktail. You can taste green apples or bitters and other fruity flavors. The best rum is traditionally made in the Caribbean. The Haitian island in particular.

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