Do Not Disturb, West Village

by RJ Peristere

It's not least not for walk into a bar that completely surprises you with it's class while at the same time has a fun and vibey atmosphere. It was equal parts elegant and equal parts good time. And of the course the cocktails we're fantastic. I got totally lucky finding this bar. I happened to be having my anniversary dinner next door at Cafe Cluny (highly recommend) and just needed a bar to pass the time before my reservation. How lucky were we that DND happened to be right there.

The fireplace was gently flickering, the candle light illuminated the warm mahogany floors and walls, yet the crowd was young and vibrant and the cocktails well crafted. they had on a modern playlist (sorry Sinatra fans) that made me feel as if I was in Cannes. The juxtaposition of modern taste in a classic setting always goes a long way.

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Is Do Not Disturb a SpeakEasy?

It's not a speakeasy in the traditional sense, as in there are no gimmicky doors or anything of that nature. But DND does sneak up on you a bit. It's located in the ground unit and was initially a bit hard to locate. But there was a bouncer, which is a hit or miss in terms of vibes to expect, but we we're warmly welcomed with no reservations.

What Cocktails Should I order?

Do Not Disturb excels at the classic cocktails as well as their own unique takes on traditional cocktails. Don't be afraid to order classic martinis or a traditional old fashion. But one of our favorite things about visiting a place with elevated craft cocktails is see what the bartenders can do. We found these two cocktails below to be delightful and delicious.

Gentleman's Club

A delightful twist on an old fashioned mixed with chocolate bitters and a bit of Amaro. It was quite tasty and well presented.At first, I was expecting a large ice cube but the traditional cubes actually allowed the ice to melt a bit which made the cocktail a bit more enjoyable. It was also nice to sip on a brown liquor cocktail by the cozy fire places.

do not disturb cocktails, do not disturb west village

Side Piece

This was a tequila cocktail that blended the right amount of blanco with some sweet flavors. We particularly enjoyed the style and craft.

Do not disturb cocktail, Do not disturb west village

Do you Need Reservations?

I believe we got lucky to pop in with no wait. If we we're to go again, I would absolutely try to get a reservation. Just to be sure. The restaurant next door also looked incredibly romantic. Think candlelight with a singular rose in between you and your lovers. At a glance the menu seemed focuses on delicious seafood.

Is there a Dress Code at Do Not Disturb, West Village?

There is no dress code, but this is definitely a higher end place and we wouldn't be caught wearing shorts or anything like that.


DND is located in the 285 W 12th St, New York, NY 10014

Interested in other NYC Cocktail Bars?

Our favorites include Bemelman's Bar, the ultimate Art Deco cocktail lounge, and Little Branch, another candlelit jazz bar.

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