How to Make a Fruit Loop Shot...The Right Way

by RJ Peristere

There are two ways to think about a fruit loop shot, there's the traditional multi colored shot where you have red, blues, and whites all sitting on top of each other to make it look like fruit loop cereal. But there's also the fruit loop shot that aims to taste closest to actually having a fruit loop cereal flavor. For this recipe we are going to focusing on the layering of the shot...or you can just skip down to the bottom.

fruit loop shot

How to Layer the Fruit Loop Shot

  1. Chill/Freeze Ingredients: It's best to chill the ingredients beforehand to slow down their mixing. We recommend placing all in either the fridge or freezer. Not too long in the freezer though, then they might actually freeze

  2. Layering Technique:

    • Start by pouring the ingredient with the highest sugar content. For us, it's Grenadine syrup.

    • Using the back of a spoon, pour the second heaviest ingredient (triple sec) slowly over the spoon's back. The spoon distributes the liquid more gently, preventing it from immediately mixing with the layer below. Orange liqueur or triple sec can be used next for the orange layer.

    • The layers should gradually build up, with the heaviest liquids at the bottom and the lightest on top. Take it slow, you may not have the immediate results right away.

  3. Final Layers:

    • We're going to finish off the layering with a bit Blue Curacao for a blue layer. Again, pour gently over the back of the spoon to help maintain the layers.

  4. Optional Cream Layer:

    • If you want to include cream or milk in your shot, pour it gently over the back of the spoon on top of the layers. We recommend adding the cream because it not only makes the shot taste better but also gives the cocktail a milky flavor. The cream will typically float on the surface, creating a creamy finish to the shot.

Fruit Loop Shot Recipe

The layering guide already broke down the process of how to make the fruit loop shot but there are a couple details we think will enhance your experience. We recommend buying a colored vodka to make the colors in the shot glass even more vibrant. We also recommend tossing in a few fruit loops for garnish if you have them. The beauty of the this shot is you don't need many bar tools other than a spoon and some crushed ice if you want to pour the ingredients over. Makes it more like a snow cone...and sounds pretty delicious. Also we find grenadine can be a bit sweet, and you can sometimes swap for a cranberry juice or swap the yellow liquor for a pineapple juice.

blue curacao


  • Grenadine syrup (red)

  • Orange liqueur or triple sec (orange)

  • Creme de banana or banana liqueur (yellow)

  • Blue Curacao (blue)

  • Cream or milk


  • Follow the layering instructions above

  • We also recommend adding a colored vodka to make the shot a bit stronger. If you want the drink to be less potent then you can skip the vodka and stick with the liqueurs.

colorful, ring, fruit

Who Invented the Fruit Loop Shot?

The mysterious creator remains a mystery but we do know that bartenders have been making layered shots for many years and the fruit loop shot is a variation on a traditional technique of stacking liquors of different viscosities . What we do know is that everyone misses munching on a big bowl of fruit loops in the morning and this is closest we can get to having that flavor in a bar. It can be a bit time consuming to make so be nice the bartender when you order the drink.

Interested in other Fun Shots?

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