How to Make a Mezcal Espresso Martini

by RJ Peristere

At first glance or thought, it doesn't quite sound like two mixtures that would go well together. But by some miracle they do. The first time I had a Mezcal Espresso martini was in Cabo San Lucas at a friends wedding. In fact, my wife (who is allergic to tequila) found out the hard way after having a few too many mezcal espresso martinis. The cocktail is surprisingly good and relatively easy to make. It's as simple as swapping the traditional vodka for a more traditional mezcal. Now when you make an espresso martini with mezcal, make sure you know you're getting a smokey drink.

espresso martini with mezcal

Espresso Martini with Mezcal Recipe

mezcal espresso martini

A bit about our recipe, you can control the sweetness with the amount of simple syrup that you choose to add to your cocktail. We like to make our simple syrup with brown sugar...see our simple syrup guide. Also if you want to add a little cream to the recipe to make it less clear, then we recommend adding less than half an ounce. It balances well with the coffee liqueur but can make it taste more like a latte than an espresso martini. Just keep that in mind. If you want to strain the fat off, double strain it in a shaker.


  • 1/2 Ounce of coffee liqueur (Kahlua is okay...see what else the liquor store has)

  • 1/4 Ounce of simple syrup

  • 1 Ounce of Espresso (we like Cafe Bustelo in a moka pot)

  • 2 Ounces Mezcal

  • Coffee Beans (Garnish)


  • Add all ingredients into shaker

  • Shake well with ice

  • Pour with strainer into Martini glass 

  • Garnish with three coffee beans

Recommended Mezcal

There are many mezcals to choose from these days. And the good news is you won't find a worm in your bottle any time soon. Although that would be pretty cool and gross at the same time. but beggars can't be choosers. Or can they.


In no particular order, we really enjoy the Mezcal from Vida. The beautiful bottle and relative ease of drinking makes it a special drinking experience. The vida also mixes well with the other epsresso martini ingredients.

Can you use Tequila instead of Vodka in an Espresso Martini

Well, we wouldn't write this blog if you couldnt. But maybe the better question is can I use a tequila instead of a Mezcal? We don't personally recommend it. The flavor combinations don't quite blend correctly. Unless you're using a super smooth and Oaky tequila like Casamigos.

Do I Have to Use Espresso in my Espresso Martini?

Contrary to the title of the cocktail, you don't have to use espresso. I think the popularity of espresso generally comes from the amount of coffee in an espresso. You can easily use a strop drip or better yet a cold brew concentrate. The cold brew is the right kind of mixer since it's dense and you can choose the flavor that you like. If you want a more in depth guide, here's a guide on how to make an espresso martini without espresso

Recommended Cold Brew concentrate or store bought :

Cold Brew Concentrate



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