How to Drink Clase Azul a Pro

by RJ Peristere

Clase Azul tequila perhaps has the most beautiful bottle of any tequila. The white and blue are synonymous with tequila and the delicious tequila inside is one of the best. But what is the best way to drink Clase Azul? We went down to the distillery in Santa Maria, Canchesda to consult with the artisans who craft Clase Azul as well as tequila aficionado's across the US to get their opinion on the proper way to drink Clase Azul. First we're going to answer some common questions then we'll break it down step-by-step.

Best Way to Drink Clase Azul

Is Clase Azul a Sipping Tequila?

First things first, Clase Azul tequila is absolutely meant to be sipped. It's a sipping tequila through and through. Tequila of this artisan quality is unique and should be savored. Whether you're having their reposado tequila or the Clase Azul añejo the point stays the same. We recommend that you drink Clase Azul at either room temperature or slightly chilled. While you sip the tequila, be sure to fully take in the aromas of the eloquently aged tequila.

How should Clase Azul be Served?

Clase Azul tequila should be served neat in a tulip glass. The tulip glass allows the aromas of the tequila to concentrate in a small area and allows your nose to take in a deeper scent.

Proper Glassware

The tulip glass or snifter is often seen used for whiskeys or scotch and the same principal applies for tequilas.We recommend buying a set of snifters so you can enjoy with friends.

Tequila Tulip Glasses

Best Way to Drink Clase Azul, Step by Step

  1. Proper Glassware: Narrow Tulip Glass as mentioned before. This type of glass focuses the aromas and scents into a confined area for better smells

    Clase azul tequila glass
  2. Serve at the proper Temperature: Room temperature or slightly chilled. As we mentioned earlier, most say don't serve with ice but have it served neat. But a little ice won't be the end of the world

  3. Observe the Color: Pour a small amount of tequila into your glass and observe its color. Similar to drinking a glass of wine, if you look at the tequila through the glass you can appreciate some of the amber colors.

    Tequila in a snifting glass, clase azul
  4. Swirl the Tequila: Gently swirl the tequila in the glass to release its aromas similar to a glass of wine. The oxygen combining with the tequila released the aromas and scents.

  5. Breathe in the Aromas: Bring the tulip glass close to your nose and take a deep breath. Inhale the complex nose, which may include hints of vanilla, caramel, agave, and oak from the barrel aging process.

  6. Take Small Sips (or big if it's a party): Sip the tequila slowly and leave the tequila in your mouth. The longer you leave the tequila on your tongue the more flavors you'll take in.

  7. Spot the complex flavors: Expect flavors like butterscotch, toffee, dried fruits, and spices.

  8. Appreciate the Finish: Pay attention to the finish or aftertaste. A quality tequila like Clase Azul should have a long and pleasant finish, leaving you with a warm sensation.


Can I drink Clase Azul with Ice?

The first thing I'll say All the experts from the manufacturer to seasoned tequila aficionados don't recommend watering down this tequila. The complex flavors and artisanal signature flavors and aromas are meant to be enjoyed neat. However...we have a different opinion. Often with high proof liquors like tequila and bourbons the alcohol can be a bit overwhelming for some. Using a large ice cube could allow to keep the tequila just chilled enough while diluting the flavor just enough to be enjoyed with a little water.

Clear ice, ice cubes for tequila

Should I chill Clase Azul?

We recommend chilling Clase Azul tequila. However, we don't recommend chilling the Clase Azul bottle. The bottle should remain out at room temperature. After all, the Clase Azul tequila bottle should be prominently displayed on either your bar cart or bar cabinet. The bottle is handmade and hand painted in Mexico so showing off that craftsmanship is something to be admired.

clase azul tequila glass

Can I take shots with Clase Azul?

The purists will say...NO it's meant to be enjoyed as a sipping tequila...but let's live a little. Pour a bit of Clase Azul tequila into a shot glass and knock one back. But if you do choose to do so, please be sure to sip on the tequila for a bit. After all, Clase Azul Reposado is a delicious tequila that deserves to be savored.

tequila, lime, salt, clase azul

Which is the best Clase Azul tequila?

Is Clase Azul Plata the best tequila or is it the clase azul añejo? Truthfully, it comes down to personal preference. We usually enjoy a blanco when mixing cocktails and a reposado tequila when sipping. We recommend starting with the classic Clase Azul tequila, the blue and white bottle. As tequila sales continue to grow and grow, we expect Clase Azul tequila to continue to dominate the high quality tequilas for sale. Buy Clase Azul tequila the next time you get a chance. Clase Azul pairs well with carne asada or other Mexican food dishes. We also recommend the tequila with a dark chocolate or something similar. The sweet agave pairs well the slightly bitter chocolate.

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