Mid Century Bar Cart

by RJ Peristere

Polished brass, crystal clear glass, distinct edges eschewing the ornamentation of years gone by. The Mid Century style and elegance was a vast departure from the Victorian and Beaux Arts style of the late 1800's and early 1900's. America was looking towards the future and needed a style to complement the grand aspirations of its people.

Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright pioneered the style in homes and eventually the look trickled down into our furniture and bar ware. We've scoured the internet and multiple brands to find you the best Mid Century Bar Carts that hit all the style notes of the era.

  • Polished Brass Beams

  • Clear Glass

  • Hard Lines and Contours

  • Metal instead of Wood

Mid Century Modern Bar Cart

The Perfect Fit - Premium Option

You've decided you want to elevate your home or apartment and show off your liquor and gorgeous glassware. The Josephina Bart is a the perfect fit for any modern or mid century style. The clean brass lines with golden metal accents are the perfect touch. The build of this bar cart is solid and durable. We highly recommend the Josephina for the premium option.

What we like about the Josephina :

  • Solid Build

  • Clean lines and Gold Accents

  • Flexible Wheels

  • Beautiful Frame

Potential Drawbacks for the Josphina :

  • Cost

  • Only Two Tiers

Mid Century Bar Cart



Mid Century Modern Bar Carts
bar carts

Best All Around Mid Century Bar Carts

While the Josephina is a gorgeous bar cart. The price can be a bit on the steeper side unless you're totally flush with cash. In that case, go for it.

Esmae Bar Cart

The next piece we recommend is the Esmae Bar Cart. It's a truly beautiful piece and stands out due to its simplicity. The goal of a mid century bar cart is to emphasize less is more. Eschewing the ornamentation of decades past in favor of smooth sleek lines is the key to hitting the notes of a proper Mid Century piece.

What we like about the Esmae Bar Cart:

  • Three Tiers : Space for Ice Buckets, Plenty of Glassware, Decanters

  • Simplicity of Design

  • Polished Brass and Silver Options

  • More Budget Friendly

Potential drawbacks :

  • Smaller wheels

Mid Century Modern
Mid Century Modern
Mid Century Modern, bar carts

Vera 3 Tier Bar Table

Another more budget friendly option is the Vera 3 Tier Bar Table. The first thing we'll mention is the Table is exactly that, a table. it doesn't have the wheels of the other options so moving the Bar Table is a little less easy. However, what it lacks in wheels it makes up for in design. The swivel is nice touch that allows for the ease of putting wine bottles or liquor bottles out of the way. A perfect place to put

What we like :

  • The size - Perfect for small apartments or a corner in a large living room

  • The simplicity

  • Long Clean lines

  • While glass is a hallmark of Mid Century Modern design - The marble looks quite nice

Potential Drawbacks :

  • Not a bar cart

  • Limited space for storage

Mid Century Modern Bar Carts
Mid Century Modern Bar Carts
Mid Century Modern, Bar carts

Picking the Best Bar Cart

Picking a great or the best bar cart truly falls down to taste and matching to your current furniture. Price also plays an important role when selecting your cart.

How you decorate your cart is also very important. You want beautiful liquor bottles and the right glassware. We wrote a guide on Bar Cart Essentials to give you an idea on how to stock your first bar cart.

Cocktail Guide and History for the Bar Cart

If you're interested in why some glassware is shaped in a certain way (like Marie Antoinette's chest??) or the difference between light and dark rum.

AFewCocktails will continue to dive deep into the historical facts and findings behind classic drinks.

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