Bartesian Cocktail Maker Review

by RJ Peristere

It's not often you use a product that completely wows you. This was a tougher article to write because we pride ourselves on the craft of making a cocktail by hand. Similar to the Joy of Cooking there's a joy to crafting your own drink. That's what makes this Bartesian Cocktail Maker so special. Not only does the quality of the machine set it apart from others, the ease of use of the drink capsules makes the cocktail experience a breeze. Just pop in the drink capsules similar to an Nespresso and voila you have yourself an excellent craft cocktail.

Bartesian Cocktail Maker, Cocktail Maer, whiskey sour

A quick breakdown on the positives :

  • The Liquor Reservoirs

  • The Cocktail Pods

  • The Quality Craftsmanship

If you've already decided and just needed reassurance you can :

What We Like About the Bartesian Cocktail Maker

The Liquor Reservoirs

One of the advantages of the Bartesian Cocktail Maker is the ability to use any type of your favorite liquor. The liquor reservoirs can use gin, tequila, vodka, whiskey, rum or really anything that you want. So you're not limited to premixed cocktails with low quality liquors. You're free to add premium vodkas, the best tequilas, whatever you or your guest want! The perfectly mixed drink requires the best liquor, otherwise you my as well go back to college.

Bartesian Cocktail Maker,

The Cocktail Capsules

What truly makes the Bartesian Cocktail Maker special is the wide variety of available cocktail capsules. Everything from a whiskey sour, rum breeze to a lemon drop martini. The cocktail pods make it easy to try many different types of cocktails without having to learn each individual recipe. Mixed drinks have never been so easy to make.

perfect cocktail

The Quality Craftsmanship

Often when you buy a product, it looks good during the review but when you get it, it feels flimsy. The good news is the Bartesian Cocktail Maker exudes quality beyond what you'd expect. Not only do the cocktails taste exceptional but the machine rarely, if ever, has any issues with functionality. When you want a cocktail..just press the button.

glass bottles

Great Value for the Price

Some cocktail machines can run up to the high 700s, but the Bartesian Cocktail Maker is a relative steal. At only 370.00, it's a fantastic value for what you're getting. Unlimited cocktails at the tip of your finger. It also comes with an auto-rinser so you won't have any of your cocktails mixed together.

Long island iced tea, capsule holder


What We Dislike about the Bartesian Cocktail Maker

While we mostly have great things to say about the Bartesian Cocktail Maker, nothing is ever perfect. The best thing about the Bartesian Cocktail Maker is how easy it is to use and how fast you can get a cocktail. But perhaps speed isn't all that your looking for. As a former bartender we enjoy the crafting process of making the cocktail. Cocktail machines can take a bit of that away.

However, you can still expect a perfect espresso martini or other cocktail options. We also find this cocktail maker to be much better than canned cocktails.

espresso martini

Where to Buy the Bartesian Cocktail Maker

Bartesian sells their cocktail makers direct. Here is an easy link.

Recommend Cocktail Capsules from Bartesian

Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is a staple of any high end cocktail bar. Now you can have one drink at the touch of your fingers. Of all the Bartesian drinks, the old fashioned is one of our true favorites.

old fashioned,

Rum Breeze

A nice little twist on a tropical favorite. This time you don't even need the lime juice since the cocktail capsule has it all done for you.

Old fashioned


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