Lychee Soju Cocktail Recipe

by RJ Peristere

Sometimes the vodka flavor can be a bit overwhelming for the subtle flavors of a lychee soju cocktail. At countless Korean and Japanese restaurants we've experimented with, we've found the best possible Lychee Soju cocktail martini recipe. Our first experience with a Lychee Soju drink was at K-Zo in Los Angeles, Ca. The fruit forward flavors of the lychee balanced quite nicely with delicate sake/soju flavor.

Lychee Soju Cocktail

How to Make a Lychee Soju Martini

Our lychee soju cocktail recipe is based upon the delightful Lychee Fusion from our favorite Japanese restaurant. It's a light combination of lychee juice mixed with some fresh lychee and of course Soju from Korea.

Our Lychee Soju Drink Recipe

Lychee Fruit

Required Tools & Equipment:

  • Cocktail Shaker

  • Strainer (optional)

Ingredients :

  • 3 Ounces of Soju

  • 1 Ounce Lychee Juice

  • 1 Lychee, for Garnish


  1. Fill cocktail shaker with ice cubes

  2. Pour Soju and Lychee Juice into shaker

  3. Shake vigorously for about 20 seconds

  4. Pour into Martini Glass, strain if you want to keep pulp out

Slight variation of the recipe :

If you decide to serve the Soju cocktail in a pint glass or something a touch bigger than a martini glass, then we have found adding a bit of sparkling water or club soda makes the cocktail more suited for an outdoor setting. The fizz from the soda water makes the soju drink feel more like a spritz to be enjoyed on an outdoor patio.

soda water, lemon, slice of lemon

Where to order a Lychee Soju Cocktail

Soju is big part of Korean drinking culture, a sister wine to the more famous sake from Japan. The beauty of Soju is the relatively low alcohol content compared to a more traditional Lychee Martini with Vodka. Avoiding the hard liquor lets the taste of the lychee fruit shine through.

Because Soju is a Korean wine, we highly recommend ordering a Soju cocktail at either a Korean or Japanese restaurant. The flavors of those two cuisines pair quite nicely with the subtle flavors of their respective cuisines. We especially recommend ordering a Soju drink at a sushi or seafood focused restaurant. If you're at a Korean BBQ restaurant then maybe order other drinks or just enjoy the soju from the bottle. We genuinely enjoy the flavor of most soju drinks.

sake, tray, drinking vesselsfood, rice, soy

If you decide to just have the soju drunk neat, there are a many soju drinking game to play, similar to the sake bomb.

Interested in Other Asian Cocktails?

Beyond Soju, there are experts across Eastern Asia that are excelling in their own whiskeys and specialty cocktails. Japanese whiskey is the most famous of the new era of scotch and whiskey production. We highly recommend making a Japanese Old Fashion. Where instead of using a traditional American bourbon, we use a bourbon inspired from Japanese whiskey. Since the flavors are a bit different.



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